Michael and his wife arrived on the Island in 2016. Both of them started anew in their chosen careers, his wife as a hairstylist and Michael as a realtor locally after 7 years as a realtor in Winnipeg. Their journey hasn’t been easy but it is satisfying to know that after 4 years they are now both again established in their chosen careers. More importantly, they have developed deep and meaningful relationships with so many people they have met along the way.
Over Michael’s 12 years in the industry he has provided his clients with unique and effective marketing tools, he has negotiated aggressively on their behalf and Michael continues to educate himself in order to provide his clients with the benefits of his knowledge. Most importantly though, Michael puts his clients needs first and he helps guide them to make the best decisions for their families.
Michael is thrilled to be back “Home” with the #1 Real Estate brokerage in Oceanside with a support network second to none in our industry.