Personal Real Estate Corporation

After growing up in the Oceanside Area, Robyn along with her husband Ryan are raising their own family here and are thankful to be part of such an amazing community. Robyn decided at a very young age that she wanted to be successful and realized this could be accomplished through hard work & determination. She had her first lemonade stand by the age of five….Fast forward 10 years; during high school Robyn started in the Hospitality industry. She believes that her 20+ years of experience in this industry are the perfect segway into real estate as both careers are about foreseeing her client’s needs and exceeding their expectations.

Robyn is very knowledgeable with what the different communities in the Oceanside area have to offer and is extremely confident she will be able to help people make the right choice for their next home. Robyn will be working closely with her aunt, Karen Roberts (a local real estate veteran with over 34 years of experience) and she plans to embrace the professional knowledge, experience and work ethic that Team Roberts has achieved.

Robyn invites you to call her at 250-240-1414 or e-mail her at if she can help with your buying or selling needs!