Wesley Yule was born and raised in the Gulf Islands; his family then moved to the Oceanside area for his schooling. From that moment onward Oceanside became a part of him. Wesley personally has over a decade of experience in the construction industry, having been in many roles from drafting and design, project management and working as a contractor. Having spent many years living and working in Oceanside he has an extensive knowledge of the area. In addition, Wesley also has spent years on Lasqueti Island and knows the island and community extensively, giving him a good working knowledge of the types of off grid living needed to run a property there. Wesley has a firm commitment to making sure his clients needs get met. He prides himself on creating a comfortable and informative working relationship with clients. Making sure to listen to their needs and providing results, Wesley will work tirelessly to find you your dream home. He will help make you feel just as at home as he does in Oceanside. In his spare time, he enjoys Archery, Hiking, photography, Skiing/snowboarding. He believes that any time outdoors here is never wasted time. For answers to your Real Estate questions please call Wesley.